What a week!


Posted by Mrs C A Smith | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on March 11, 2016

Stunning sunset

MM00A-1603 OST SNS SEA D3000

It’s been such a busy week. All pupils doing assessments. I’m finishing the week off teaching Python to year 3’s.

Excited about next week – there’s a new IWB being installed in the ICT suite.

Watch this space for photos.

Mrs S x

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That is a very beautiful sunset Mrs Smith.I have never seen one so gorgeous in my life .

I love that picture Mrs Smith I wish I was there. I’m so jealous.

That is such a lovely picture, I have never seen a sunset so beautiful Mrs Smith.

Thank you Alisha

it is in python

Where is that?

Where is what?

that looks like a very pretty sun set hop you post more Mrs Smith

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