How it’s made?


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Following your posts here is a link to how Golf Clubs are made:



I have been watching this program and thought I’d post this fascinating video of How Lego is made:

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That video was really good

Thank you

I would like to find out about how lego was delivered (by what transport)to different countries and places.

I will find out for you.

This video is really informational but I can’t see it #unblock

We have filters in school that blocks pupils from watching You Tube. This is why you can’t see it.
Check out the Blog at home.

I would like to see more videos like this please.

What would you like to see being made?

Wow, I found that really cool! Can you please find a video of how people make toys like figures/dolls? (If you have time).

I will see what I can find

Thank you!

I would like to see these videos please


I agree # unblock

Hi I would like to see how a golf club is made please and you have a nice blog.

Will do. Look next week to find out.


Your channel is really cool ! I would like to know how a terminal computer Is made? Could you find this out for me?

I will find out and post it here.

what computer

Which type of computer?

I would like to see these videos please.

I would like to see this too #unblock

What would you like videos of?

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